About Falcon VentureLease:

Started in 1993, Falcon VentureLease provides emerging growth companies access to capital secured by corporate assets, working closely with management to structure facilities as needed. Using the venture capital community, Falcon VentureLease and provides a means for leveraging short, medium and long term equity capital.

Falcon VentureLease:

  • arranges investments in venture capital-backed revenue to pre-IPO stage companies.
  • offers leasing solutions.
  • offers value added services through its network of affiliates.
  • introduces strategic financing partners to complement venture capital and commercial banking relationships.

Falcon VentureLease also provides early stage venture lease financing to companies which are public. Any type equipment in your business can be used as sources of working capital for any purpose. You simply invoice us for up to 100% loan value for the leverageable equipment which is usually fair market value.

VentureLease may be slightly more expensive than a standard lease, but it can cost less than other methods of cash infusion such as bank loans, partnerships, especially considering the quick turn around to completion (about 10 days) and all only requiring simple documentation.

Turn depreciating equipment into cash and write-off the payments while still having full use of the equipment!

Lease payments are considered rental payments; therefore, leasing offers tax advantages. There is no interest because rental payments on a lease are not computed on Schedule-78 ruling or amortized like a mortgage (paying interest first then principle). Our lease rates are determined by market conditions, type and value of the equipment, lease term, number of advance payments, business, bank and trade information, and the credit standing of the applicant.


  • Completed lease application.
  • List of equipment owned free and clear valued over $10,000.00(US)
  • First page of last six months bank statements.
  • Letter of explanation on any derogatory credit.
  • Current business interim report.
  • Current profit and loss statement.
  • Two years business tax returns.
  • Two years personal tax returns on all owner/officers/partners signing as personal guarantee.
  • Personal financial statements on all owners/officers/partners signing as personal guarantee.

(Any equipment owned may be turned into cash for any purpose. Business simply invoices the lease provider up to 100% loan-to-value of the equipment.)

* short turn-around time (less than 10 days)


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